10 Apr

Every once in a while our weekend are occupied solely by hanging out with our friends. I love those weekends. Saturday we went over to our friends to have a little Easter egg hunt for all the girls and brunch for the adults. Before we released them for the hunt I attempted to get a picture of all of the girls together. This is about the best shot I could get and they still aren’t all looking at the camera!

Of course little Ruby can’t find any eggs herself but I stuck her in her Bumbo so that she could at least have a seat in the middle of the fray:

Some of the girls were nice enough to share an egg with her and show her how the whole thing works:

Later that day, because I really needed to eat more sugary goodness crap, I made Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Mine kind of looked like little UFO’s but they were really good, especially when they were still warm from the oven. That night we went to dinner with friends and had Indian food. Yummy :)

Today I had a book club meeting and attended even though I didn’t read the book. Or know what it was until about 48 hours before the meeting but whatever. Little Ruby went with me and was a doll she didn’t fuss and was content to just kick around. While I was at book club AH played some games with his friends. And of course just like any other weekend it went by too quickly and tomorrow it’s back to work. There really should be 3 days to the weekend. 2 days for fun and 1 day for productive endeavors!

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